Where are you going?

Do you know your destination? If you answer that you are headed towards ministry dedicated to the King of kings, then we at KTSFI want to walk with you for a little while.

What do you need to serve effectively?  What tools should you have at your disposal?

If you answer a deep knowledge of the Bible, well-informed theology and the practical ability to meet spiritual/ministry needs in your community, then we at KTSFI want to equip you for your calling.

Here at KTSFI, we have a vision of Christian leaders truly engaging their world in the Name of the Lord, empowered through deepened faith and understanding for maximum impact.

So whether you are …

  • a current student, busy with fulfilling subject requirements while  continuing to serve in ministry, or
  • a person wondering if God desires that you become a student here, and are curious about how He will make it possible, or
  • a supportive member of the community, looking to better understand this special place that is dedicated to the glory of God,

Then please use this website as a source of information about the history of KTSFI, a sense of calling, faith commitment, and our academic programs and policies.  I trust that you will be encouraged and inspired to pray for and with us as we seek the realization of the Kingdom of God together.


Equipping for Holistic Service


To see Christ-like leaders discipling people, reproducing leaders, expanding God’s Kingdom in Asia and beyond.


  • K -Koinonia Spirit
  • T – Transformational Education
  • S – Servant Leadership
  • F – Faithfulness to God’s Word
  • I – Integrated Spirituality