Admissions Process

Academic Standards for Admission

A prospective student must have obtained at least an average rating of eighty-­five percent (85%) or B, or 2.0, or its equivalent, in their undergraduate degree program to be considered eligible for admission. However, students with a general average lower than the prescribed admission on qualifications may be initially admitted on a probation basis, upon recommendation of an admission committee and approval by the Academic Dean/Program Director.


1. Request an application form from the Registrar’s office or email

2. Submit the following:

  • Admission Application Form (duly filled in and sign)
  • Official Transcript of Records (Original and photocopy)
  • College Diploma and/or S.O. from post secondary institution (Photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate (NSO/Authenticated copy)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable) (NSO/Authenticated copy)
  • Pastor’s Referral Form (duly filled in and signed)
  • Friend’s Referal Form (duly filled in and signed)
  • Three (3) 1″ x 1″ I.D. photos
  • Honorable Dismissal (Original copy) ( with school name & contact number)
  • Student Visa for Foreign Students (authenticated copy)
  • Registration Form (duly filled in and sign)
  • School Fees paid
  • Signed the KTSFI Declaration of Faith
  • Signed the Nicene Creed
  • Submit your Church Doctrinal Statement (Signed over printed name of your Pastor or Church Leader)

3.  Schedule a new student for Admission Assessment/ Examinations: English Proficiency, Bible Knowledge and Psychological Assessment.

4. The Registrar’s office will inform the prospective students of the result of the assessment. Then schedule the prospective student for an interview and registration of courses.