Scholarships (grants vary depending on the need of students and availability of funds)

General Guidelines

Available scholarship grants are for TUITION FEE only except for working students.

  • Application for scholarship grant is per semester
  • A student is entitled to one (1) scholarship only.
  • Scholarship grants are granted to students depending on financial need basis but a GPA of 2.0 for 6-unit load is required.
  • Academic Scholarship is granted to deserving students whose grades, character, and attitude qualify. The qualifying GPA is 1.25.
  • Academic Scholars who are financially able are given the honor of the title but not to avail of the Academic Scholarship grant.  This serves as help to those who are financially in need.
  • All scholarship grants are only given to Filipino students and students from developing countries.
  • Scholarship grants are renewed per semester and not automatically approved the following semester. Applicants must strictly follow the application procedures.
  • Scholarship grant is given to qualified students who have finished one (1) semester at KTSFI with “No Failing” grades.
  • Accepted scholars are required to adhere to the scholarship policies set by KTSFI and specific Scholarship Sponsors.
  • Deadline of submission of application for Scholarship Grant is during the FIRST WEEK of enrollment. LATE application will not be accepted.

Academic Scholarship

A scholarship grant by merit and provides full tuition scholarship to students of developing countries who have met by the following criteria and requirements:

  • Must be enrolled at least 2 semesters.
  • No grades lower than 1.5 with an over-­all GPA of 1.25 accumulated through the KTS student’s years of residency.
  • Must take a maximum of 9 units per semester except for graduating students who only need to take fewer units for completion.
  • Inter-­Semester, summer and modular classes will be covered depending in the availability of funds.
  • Will be selected primarily by the Academic Dean and the Registrar with the approval of the KTS Scholarship Committee.
  • covered depending on the availability of funds.